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Warning Signs of a Failing Belt

The belts in your vehicle provide power to key systems, like the cooling system, air conditioning, or power steering. But due to the demanding, high heat environment inside the engine, these rubber belts are subject to wear and tear. If they break while you are driving, you could be stuck without power to a critical… Read More »

How to Check your Tire Pressure

Having proper tire pressure is a key way to improve fuel efficiency, maximize the life of your tire, and save money! Checking your tire pressure at home is a very simple process with a big payoff. To test your tire pressure, you only need one instrument – a tire pressure gauge. A good gauge is… Read More »

Let’s Hit the Road! Planning Spring Road Trips

When you plan a trip over spring break, you look forward to making memories with your family or friends, not experiencing travel mishaps. That’s why it’s important to travel smart and think ahead while planning your trip. With a bit of planning, you can make memories to last a lifetime (that DON’T involve a breakdown… Read More »

Five Critical Fluids

Fluids keep your vehicle running! They prevent damage from heat and friction by lubricating the components in your vehicle. They also power hydraulic systems. But fluids need to be flushed and replaced periodically to continue performing this vital work. Keeping up with fluid flushes helps you avoid damage and expensive repairs in your vehicle. Below… Read More »

Brake Pads – How Important Are They?

Here’s a typical scenario: you are driving down the street and a squirrel darts out in front of you and you stomp on your brakes. Many things happen behind the scenes. One important factor: your brake pads did their job. The brake pads contacted and applied pressure and friction to the brake rotor. Imagine trying… Read More »

Washing your Car in the Winter

Does it feel like it’s impossible to keep your car clean during the winter in Mukwonago? Constantly changing weather conditions mean snow, rain, and mud are nearly impossible to avoid. Despite the ongoing challenge, there’s an important reason to wash your car during the winter: Road Salt In order to help snow and ice melt… Read More »

Refilling Windshield Washer Fluid

Winters in Mukwonago can mean sudden storms, snow, and freezing rain. Be prepared for any condition with streak-free windshield wiper blades and plenty of wiper fluid! Because windshield wiper blades are made out of rubber, they will need to be replaced every 6 to 12 months for best performance. When they leave behind streaks on… Read More »

Three Tips for Holiday Road Trips

From Black Friday shopping to hanging lights, families in Wisconsin have started preparing for the holiday season. We hope you enjoy this season and spend quality time with the people you love during the holidays. If your holiday plans involve travel, make sure your vehicle can handle the demands of the road before you leave.… Read More »

When to Change your Oil

Motor oil runs through the engine, providing critical lubrication to keep the components safe. If you wait too long to change your oil, the components are at greater risk for wear and tear from the heat and friction in the engine. But how do you know when it is time to change your oil? First,… Read More »