Washing your Car in the Winter

Does it feel like it’s impossible to keep your car clean during the winter in Mukwonago? Constantly changing weather conditions mean snow, rain, and mud are nearly impossible to avoid.

Despite the ongoing challenge, there’s an important reason to wash your car during the winter:

Road Salt

In order to help snow and ice melt faster, road salt is generously applied to the roads during snow storms. Road salt helps to lower the freezing point of water, meaning that it can prevent ice from forming and help clear frozen patches faster.

However, road salt can also lead to corrosion on your vehicle. Salt can remain hidden underneath your vehicle. Any components exposed to the salt for an extended period of time are at risk for damage. The systems most often affected are the exhaust system, frame, coil springs, muffler, and brakes.

But it is easy to prevent this damage – wash your car!

Here are a few tips for taking care of your vehicle during the winter:

  • It’s not just cosmetic. Washing your vehicle will remove the hidden threats, like road salt, from the body of your vehicle. Even if it will end up covered in dirt when the next storm comes in, you’re protecting your vehicle from rust and corrosion.
  • Wash your vehicle within one week of the storm, if possible. After you’ve driven on salted roads, try to make it to a car wash to remove the salt.
  • Clean the underbody of your vehicle. Most automatic carwashes include an option for an underbody wash. Always choose this option during the winter. This will clear the areas most at risk from road salt.
  • When temperatures rise, it’s time to wash. Salt poses less threat when temperatures are below freezing. Once the roads, snow, and ice start to melt, stop by a car wash to remove the salt.

Do you have tips for keeping your car clean during the winter? We’d love to hear them – stop by our Facebook page to share your winter driving tips.

If you notice rust or corrosion on your vehicle, bring it into S&S Research Service & Collision right away. Our experienced technicians will help you determine the cause of the damage and prevent it from spreading if possible. Catching issues early can help you save money and address problems before they can cause even more damage.

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